Major Areas of Research Contribution:

BioMedical Engineering, Medical Imaging, Digital Image Processing, BioSignal Processing, Cytogenetics, Mammography, Meditation, Cognitive Psychology. Consciousness. Spirituality

54. Abdullah Umar, Amol Purohit, Abdul Rahman, Rajiv Ranjan, Chinmay Biswal, Ashwin Raut, Sri Lakshmi, Nagamallesh Rao, Rayudu Peyyala, Prabhu Britto Albert, Md. Sameeruddin Khan (2019). A Novel Innovative Approach for Evolutionary Continuous Monitoring and Enhancement of Academic Delivery in Higher Educational Institutions. International Journal of Education, Development, Society and Technology (IJEDST) ISSN: 2321 – 7537, 7(1), 1–7.