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Prof. Dr. Prabhu Britto Albert

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Intl. J. BioSciences and Technology IJBST www.ijbst.org

Intl. J. Medical Sciences and Technology IJMST www.ijmst.org

Intl. J. Life Sciences and Technology IJLST www.ijlst.org

Intl. J. Biological Sciences and Technology IJBLST www.ijblst.org

Intl. J. BioSciences, Psychiatry and Technology IJBSPT www.ijbspt.org

Intl. J. BioSciences, Alternative and Holistic Medicine IJBSAHM www.ijbsahm.org

Intl. J. BioSciences, Healthcare Technology and Management IJBHTM www.ijbhtm.org

Intl. J. BioEngineering, NeuroSciences and Technology IJBNST www.ijbnst.org

Intl. J. Innovation IJInn www.IJInn.org

Intl. J. BioEngineering and Technology IJBET www.ijbet.org

Intl. J. BioSciences, Agriculture and Technology IJBSAT www.ijbsat.org

Intl. J. Food Safety, Nutrition, Public Health and Technology IJFSNPHT www.ijfsnpht.org

Intl. J. Law, Psychology and Human Life IJLPHL www.ijlphl.org

Intl. J. Education, Development, Society and Technology IJEDST www.ijedst.org

Intl. J. BioEngineering, CardioPulmonary Sciences and Technology IJBCPST www.ijbcpst.org

Intl. J. BioSciences, Forensics and Technology IJBFT www.ijbft.org

Intl. J. BioEngineering, Endocrinology, Reproductive Sciences and Technology IJBERST www.ijberst.org

Intl. J. BioEngineering, Orthopaedic Sciences and Technology IJBOST www.ijbost.org

Intl. J. BioEngineering, Pediatric Sciences and Technology IJBPST www.ijbpst.org

Intl. J. BioEngineering, Dermatological Sciences and Technology IJBDST www.ijbdst.org

Intl. J. BioSciences, Linguistics, Communication and Media Technology IJBLCMT www.ijblcmt.org

Intl. J. BioArchitecture and Technology IJBAT www.ijbat.org

Intl. J. BioAssistive and Rehabilitation Technology IJBART www.ijbart.org

Intl. J. Applied Biostatistics and Technology IJABT www.ijabt.org

Intl. J. Pharmaceutical Drugs, Sciences and Technology IJPDST www.ijpdst.org

Intl. J. Veterinary Sciences and Technology IJVST www.ijvst.org

Intl. J. BioSciences, Catalysis and Technology IJBSCT www.ijbsct.org

Intl. J. BioMedical Physics and Technology IJBMPT www.ijbmpt.org

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